Crown Entertainment Complex

Near our last hostel, we were lucky enough to be right beside the huge Crown Entertainment Complex.This place has everything! A casino, trendy bars and restaurants (home to Maze by Gordon Ramsey), a shopping mall, a movie theatre, and three nightclubs. I can proudly say that I checked off everything on the Crown Complex to do list.One night I went to watch the movie “Due Date”. I found it quite interesting that in their movie theatres they number their seats. Instead of choosing where you want to sit, you must go by the number on your ticket to determine where you will sit in the theatre. This theatre also had private viewing rooms for the “upper class”. These rooms fill about 30 people, and each person gets a huge lazyboy type chair that comes with a built in cubby to keep your purse or jacket. It also has a tray where you can keep you food and drinks that a server delivers to you! They also give you a blanket! Talk about living the good life. I hope one day to go to a VIP theatre like this.

Another night we hit up the casino where we watched overly confident businessmen play blackjack. I played the “Jaws” slot machine, where every time you press the button the “dun dun” sound played as if the shark was coming closer! I won a whopping $6.50!!!We also went to one of their clubs called Co. It was a massive club, where they played great music, and had enormous drinks! It was also rumoured that Jay Z and Beyonce were going to be making an appearance that night as Jay Z was in town for his joint concert with U2. Unfortunately, we did not get to see the royal couple.For dinner one night, I enjoyed a glass of wine and an amazing chicken pot pie at one of their restaurants. The only compliant I have against this massive all-in-one entertainment complex is that it is FILLED with way too many chocolate, dessert, and cookie shops! The next thing that they need to add to this place is a GYM!

One thought on “Crown Entertainment Complex

  1. Omg this place sounds so cool! I would die if I saw Jigga and 'Yonce in person. And OBVIOUSLY you ordered a chicken pot pie! I wouldnt worry about the gym babe … you can eat 2454484833 treats and your bod would still be rockin'!


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