Peter Pans

I am so happy to say that I finally got a JOB! After about 2 weeks of looking, I landed a gem that is perfect for me!

I now work at Peter Pans Adventure Travel, a student and backpacker’s travel agency. This company is located throughout Australia, and gives backpackers and students amazing deals when they book tours, excursions, accommodations, and flights. Peter Pans will even include some bonuses when you continue to use them, when you sign up for their Gold Card. (Which you get free once you book one excursion). They offer free internet for those who have previously booked with them, and they also offer a job package, which helps backpackers find a job, print their resume, and get their bank and tax accounts sorted out.

My job is to help promote packages to backpackers, and to also get to know them a little better by talking to them about their travels. This basically is the best job I could have asked for, as I am able to learn about cool places to visit in Australia, and I get to talk to backpackers, like me, all day about where they have been, and where they are going. So far I have been able to get so many helpful tips on where to go, and things to see.

On Wednesday nights we assist with a bar night. At the bar we get to talk to many backpackers about their travels, as well as letting them know about what Peter Pans has to offer. We also assist in games, where backpackers get the chance to win some amazing travel packages, such as a surf trip, a trip to New Zealand, or a weekend trip to Fraser Island.

If you want to check out more about this company, feel free to visit their website:

2 thoughts on “Peter Pans

  1. Linds this job really is perfect for you! Not only because it lets you learn more about Australia and where to visit, but because its just something you're good at! Future employers are gonna love seeing this on your resume. I'm so proud of you … what a big weight off your shoulders! 🙂


  2. AMAZING. Congrats Linds… that sounds absolutely perfect! I'm so happy to see you seem to be loving your travels again!!Keep the updates coming. I miss my PIC LB!!!… or like, a lot. xo


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