Scenic in the City

Melbourne is filled with many gardens and parks surrounding the city’s edge. The other day I went for a walk through Melbourne’s Fitzroy and Treasury Gardens, which we absolutely stunning. They are located at the edge of the city, and both are filled with acres of trees, plants, and gardens.

In the middle of Treasury Gardens, they have this huge memorial area for John F. Kennedy.

It is surrounded by a huge pond, and many flowers and plants.

This is Captain James Cook’s House, which was imported from Europe and rebuilt in Fitzroy Gardens. This is an important part of Australia’s history as, he was the one who discovered Australia. The house was built in 1755 and was brought out in 1933. Last year Melbourne celebrated it’s 75th Anniversary.

I came across this secret little garden. It was so cute, and very peaceful to sit and rest in.

There is this miniature town that England donated to Australia in thanks of helping to support them during food shortages during World War 2.
This tree is called the “Fairies Tree” and was craved by Ola Cohn the author of the children’s book, “The Fairies Tree” as a gift to the children of Melbourne.

2 thoughts on “Scenic in the City

  1. Sooo pretty! At any point did you think 'this place would be so nice for a wedding'? Hahaha thats what I thought, as you know they are my obsession. The Fairies Tree is so cool! It has such a mystical quality. Great pics babe!


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