Melbourne is very different from Sydney. Sydney was like Toronto or New York City; very busy, lots of people everywhere, and everyone always in a rush. Here in Melbourne, it is very peaceful, no one seems to be in a rush and everyone is extremely nice! It is a quiet little city, and is surrounded by a beautiful river and many pretty parks and gardens. This city sort of reminds me of Chicago.

The State Library of Victoria is our home base, as it is where we get our free internet. Our hostel does not provide us with internet, so every morning we have to walk about 10 minutes to reach the library. It is the first time that I have missed internet, only for the purpose that my friends and family seem that much more far away, as I am not able to skype or e-mail them when I please.

Federation Square.There seems to always be something going at Federation Square. On weekends and special occasions it is home to outdoor concerts, festivals, and markets. It is also surrounded by many bars and restaurants, some even have an amazing view of the Yarra River.

On Sunday, we went to St. Kilda. It is a beautiful little beach about 20 minutes out of the city.
It seems like a nice place to go sailing or kayaking as it is just in a little bay. St. Kilda seemed to have everything. Here you can find many trendy restaurants and bars, and an amusement park called Luna Park right at the edge of the beach. Melbourne is a very artsy city. Throughout the year, there are many art and music festivals, and we have already run into a few very talented street acts. After we walked through Luna Park, we watched a street performer for about an hour, while he attempted to juggle fire in the air and use a fire whip. We have also stopped and watched a group of talented break dancers, Santa mimes and musicians.

A tribute to all my boys at home participating in Movember.I have finally come across “Movember” in Australia. If you are not familiar with Movember, it is a month long event (in November) where men grow out their moustaches in order to raise money for prostate cancer. It is a great cause, but I cringe at the site of a moustache on some of you boys as most try and make them look super creepy.
Happy Movember and keep up the good work’!

2 thoughts on “Melbourne

  1. I'm so behind on the blogs, God! But I must keep up my tradition of commenting on every one. Melbourne looks really pretty! Its nice that you're able to experience city life in Sydney and then go somewhere quieter like Melbourne … visit as many places as you can, babe! ❤


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