No feets on seats!

We spent 2 weeks and a day in Sydney and decided we needed a change for a bit. We have headed to MELBOURNE! We have made sure to book a hostel for 2 weeks from Dec 21-Jan 2nd in Sydney so we can secure a spot for Christmas and New Years.

In Melbourne we plan to work. So far I have applied to many promotional jobs and to some office work. I would also like to try serving or bartending, I just need to get my RSA which is like a Smartserve, but instead of doing an online course, you are expected to pay $65 to sit and learn in a classroom for 6 hours…something I am not looking forward to doing anytime soon.

So, Wednesday night we took a 12-hour Greyhound bus ride to Melbourne. After tackling the 22 hour plane ride from Toronto to Sydney, we figured 12 hours on a bus would be a breeze….boy was I wrong.

The seats were so tiny and we had little to no legroom…there were people all around us who smelled like they didn’t shower for the past week, and it was incredibly uncomfortable. Thankfully as people got off after the first 3 hours when we stopped in Canberra, we were able to have our own seats, and we got to lay down and “try” to sleep. This was probably the worst sleep ever. In the middle of my beauty rest, another passenger decided to place his FEET on my armrest where my head was laying, and when he was sleeping, he KICKED me in the head!!! Not only am I incredibly disgusted, and afraid of feet, I was horrified by the entire event…WHO PLACES THEIR FEET BY SOMEONE’S HEAD?! Honestly…who raised this guy? On top of that, our bus driver made our 12 hour bus ride an extra 2 hours long as he kept stopping to go to the bathroom. I know this because he had no shame in standing right beside the bus and relieving himself.

As soon as we arrived in Melbourne, we were both quite grumpy, and not looking forward to pulling our luggage to our new hostel 10 blocks away. Thankfully we were blessed with a clean, friendly and relaxing hostel where we just spent our first day taking it easy, and reading up on things to do in the city.

For the next few days, we are planning on starting our job search. Our hostel unfortunately does not have internet access, so at the present moment we have to rely on The State Library of Victoria to give us our internet fix.

4 thoughts on “No feets on seats!

  1. Ewww what an asshole! Who would do that??? Stranger feet is the worst. Although it kind of reminds me of Road Trip when Amy Smart goes on the greyhound and that guy tries to lick her feet while she's sleeping. lol. Good luck with the house hunt!


  2. Hey Linds! I just read what you've been doing since you got there and I'm totally jealous! You make me want to never spend my money so I can save it to go to Australia. I'm so excited for you and all the stuff you've already done! You are def. living it up. 🙂


  3. HAHAHAHA omg Ann I was thinking the exact same thing about the feet! Its like Road Trip for suuure (that guy is also the guy who says \”I'm here for the gang bang\” in Old School HAHAHA). But anyways, yeah, RUDE! Thank goodness you're off that bus and in a clean hostel! Good luck with the job search, I know you'll find something … although it sucks that you have to pay to get a Smart Serve! Blahhh. Post pics of the Melbourne sights when you can! Love you!


  4. Have a blast in Melbourne Linds. It was prob my favorite city in Auz. St. Kilda beach was a grand eold time. Theres a hostel down near it too… called Base I think. It was super sweet. Make sure you get to an AFL game at the MCG. Wicked times and a sport you cant see anywhere else in the world. (even though they call it Aussie Rules its really a Melbourne game)Enjoy Mel-bun!!!!GREAT OCEAN ROAD!!!!


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