Australian Grub

Now I am sure you are wondering what we eat. We mostly eat takeaway (what they call take-out), which has consisted of McDonalds, cheap Asian food, kebabs (Turkish wraps), or pizza. Don’t worry…This is not all we have been eating!

Most of the hostels that we have been staying at have offered free breakfast, which includes cereal, toast, and coffee or tea. Having the free breakfast really helps as it takes away an extra food expense for the day. For the other meals, we buy some groceries every couple of days, which makes it much cheaper. My food supply usually consists of fruit, Mr. noodles and lots of salami sandwhiches!

Since living in Sydney for the past two weeks, we have been able to discover some tricks and secrets. At first we were SO obsessed with getting gelato’s. Gelato shops seem to be everywhere here, and their flavours are so creative and so hard to resist when they are staring right at you through the window. However, trying to be cost-effective, we have discovered that McDonald’s has a 50 cent cone (way cheaper than at home)! Even though gelato’s initially captured my heart, it looks like McDonald’s takes this round.

I miss ketchup chips more than anything in the world! Their flavour is called “Tomatoe Sauce”. I cracked and bought a bag. They have a hint of ketchup taste, and were quite tasty…but nothing compares to Lay’s Ketchup chips!

I finally found my favourite kind of M & M’s!!! The crispy one’s! They also have this really cool one called “M&M’s mix-ups” which is a mix of ALL the flavours, peanut, plain, and crispy!

Their version of a Redbull…”V”

Tuna to go? YUCK!

A lot of things come in tubes, such as yogurt, juice, cheese, chocolate, and smoothies.

Tribute to my family back home…who frequently like to order “the lot”

We have yet to go out for an expensive nice dinner, but we have found that so many places offer really cheap steak! We found this beauty down the street that offers a $5 rump steak, with mashed potatoes and an oil and vinegar salad. As most of you know, steak is my favourite meal with mashed potatoes! This is possibly the greatest thing in the world we could have come across…what else could a girl ask for?!

2 thoughts on “Australian Grub

  1. Omg, I obviously LOVED this post! You can't trust Dan around food! That M&Ms mix up looks sweet, I want it! I also laughed when you said you've been eating a lot of salami sandwiches … obviously! Although we could be \”talking pastrami, etc etc\” hahaha. And I'm glad you've found some cheap steak … all it needs is some green beans and it would be the Lindsay Mitchell \”last meal before you die\”! Hahaha how well do I know you!? Love you!


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