Blue Mountains

Yesterday I took a solo excursion to the Blue Mountains. It was an extremely hot day, but was the scenery and view was worth it!

First we went to a native site where they showed us drawings in the stone that have been there for thousands of years. This is a picture of a Kangaroo.The story of the Kangaroo is that they made an illustration of the way in which they caught the Kangaroo. The illustration tells us that they killed it with a boom-a-rang and then had to pierce it through the heart. The direction in which the tail is facing is the way that the tribe travelled from, and the direction where the head is, is the direction in which the tribe decided to travel. Native tribes would make these markings so that they can remember what they found in each area, which helped them to get back to food and water sources.

We then headed to Wentworth Falls. They were beautiful. The tour guide informed us that in the winter it is easier for people to travel down to the bottom of the waterfall to take a dip, as the summer months become too hot and humid to climb all the way down. It was already quite the sweaty morning, I could not imagine climbing down it in the summer months.After the falls we headed into a little town for lunch, and then proceeded on our journey. After lunch we finally made it to the Blue Mountains, where they have three different excursions in a park called “Scenic World”. I got a chance to take a cable car across the mountains, then down the mountains then a scenic railway ride up the mountain again. This was an amazing experience.These mountains are called the “Three Sisters”. The story behind their unique formation is that the three sisters fell in love with three brothers from an opposite tribe, which was forbidden and the tribes began to fight and the three sisters became in great danger. The Witchdoctor transformed the three sisters into rocks in order to protect them. Now they watch over their tribe in the valley for all of eternity.Here are some statues representing the “Three Sisters” and the “Witchdoctor”.

When we looked over one of the cliffs we saw crashed cars.The tour guide informed us that this was a popular place for criminals to dump their runaway cars. It was quite chilling. After the Blue Mountains we travelled into the provincial park where we went on a search for wild Kangaroo. We searched for about 20 minutes and couldn’t find anything. We did however come across a flock of Parrots, and a Laughing Kookaburra.

After about 30 mins of searching for the Kangaroo we sadly had to return to the bus and head back. We all got into the bus and started our journey back. Me, being the eternal optimist and determined to see a Kangaroo before we left, went on a crazy search. Through a small path I found one starring right at us!!! I yelled to the driver “THERE’S ONE!” and he quickly stopped the bus and we all got out. We came across a mother with a baby joey in its pouch and another baby who was hopping around. It was such an incredible experience! They were so cute, it was amazing to watch the hop around!Mother

After about 20 minutes of fawning over them, we headed back to Sydney. We took a ferryboat back into the city, which was really exciting. When I headed into the harbour, I noticed on the stairs of the Opera House they had a bunch of ladies with signs being videotaped. These ladies were being videotaped for the Oprah Show, as she will be doing two shows in the Opera House on Dec 14th. It was pretty funny to watch these Australian women go nuts for Oprah! I really wish I could win tickets to the show, that would be the coolest!

4 thoughts on “Blue Mountains

  1. The heat = I'm jealousThe cable car ride = I'm terrifiedThe crashed cars = I'm more terrifiedThe joey = I'm in loveThe Lindsay = I'm in withdrawal<3


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