Sydney Tower/Wild Life World

On Wednesday we went up the Sydney Tower.
We were able to see the Opera House, the Bridge, and the areas in Sydney where we have stayed. The tower was pretty similar to ours home in Toronto, except the CN tower is far taller, and they didn’t have a glass bottom floor. However, the Sydney Tower offered a chance to walk outside on the tower (which we didn’t do), and they also had a simulated ride called “Oz Trek” which showed us a bit of Australia through the eyes of an explorer. (Just like the rides you would find in Wonderland).Our hostel was on the same street as the Coke sign.

It may not be as beautiful as the CN Tower, but it was still an amazing 360 view of Sydney.

After the Tower, we headed to Sydney’s Wildlife World. Now this was something that was very different from any zoo or wildlife place that I have ever been. We saw so many amazing creatures here. Funnel Web Spider, found in Sydney…perfect. The spider spins itself in its web, and is known for jumping at you! If you get bite by one…it can be fatal.

The Redback, also found in and around Sydney.

Inland Taipan.


Our first sighting of Kangaroos! These are found all over Australia. They eat only grass and carrots.I was afraid to take a picture by him at first, as I have seen many “kicking” videos. The trainer finally informed me that they are actually terrified of us and will not come close…even though I kind of wanted to pet one!


They were so cute, and such furry little balls. Unfortunately they slept the whole time. They are known to sleep up to 16 hours a day.

This is the BIGGEST Crocodile I have ever seen! I gasped when I saw him. This Crocodile is 16 feet long, and usually eats one whole chicken a week, but has bumped up it’s appetite to 3 whole chickens a week!

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One thought on “Sydney Tower/Wild Life World

  1. Those spiders are terrifying! I cant even believe YOU of all people took pictures. I looove the Wallabies and the Koalas, though! They're so cute! And obv that crocodile is scary shit … it could probably eat a whole Lindsay – ahhh! Good pics though, lovah! ❤


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