After a week of slumming it, we finally decided to get our act together and move out of our “humble abode”, and to a new hostel. We have learned to appreciate an air conditioned room, a closed window (having people screaming and yelling intoxicated throughout all hours of the night is not ideal), a bathroom where we don’t have to wear flip-flops, and the comfort knowing that we won’t find any crickets, cockroaches or bedbugs in our rooms.

For the past week we have endlessly been searching for a flat (what they call apartments), a townhouse, or a studio apartment to rent. So far…no such luck. There are lots of properties available for rent, just none in our price range or in our “standard” range. (After living in a cockroach infested/sauna/red light district of a hostel, we have decided that we deserve better and have created some standards for ourselves).

Some of the places that we have looked at have only offered one bedroom (that we would have to share a bed), strict rules on internet (such as “no video conferencing, no movie/t.v./music downloads”= I will have no life/contact to the outside world). Some have even been as absurd to state in their tenant agreement that each roommate is on a weekly “cleaning” schedule where everything must be cleaned by 12 noon on SATURDAY. If you miss a cleaning day it is an automatic $100 on the spot, and if your cleaning is inadequate it is a $20-$30 fine. We bee-lined out of that prison as fast as we could. Who would seriously sign to something like that?! Note: to all potential home renters/buyers…READ EVERYTHING!

As if our luck couldn’t get any worse, when I tried to take out money from my Australian compatible bank account I got declined!!! Not only could I not take out $100 but I couldn’t even take out $20!!! This was possibly the worst feeling in the world…being declined your own money…half way around the world…in another country. I panicked for about 20 minutes, and then realized that my friend MasterCard could do me some good. Hopefully my bank account will get sorted out soon, and I can go on in peace.

As of now, we are continuing to look for a place in Sydney. If we don’t find a place by Tuesday we have decided to take our business elsewhere…and by elsewhere I mean move to another city!

…stay tuned =)…

2 thoughts on “Slumdog

  1. Awww baby! You guys DEFINITELY deserve better than that obvious hell-hole you were staying in! I cant imagine how stressful it must be to find a flat, though … at least you guys have each other! It kinda reminds me of when you and I did the search for our Waterloo home by ourselves! Haha. Keep your eyes peeled – I'm sure you'll find something soon! ❤


  2. ahh Linds. This the saddest post ever. Don't be sad, you are living in Australia!! Credit card will be just fine till you can get cash so theres really no need to stress about that.As for living, be creative. I hear there are over 10 universities in and around your city! Maybe check out a student ghetto or two for a spot to live, theres bound to be fun locals to play with too! DEFINITELY get out of that scary cockroach place! There is no reason you should ever be somewhere like that. Look online to see what other hostels are around you, and check the reviews to make sure its legit! You can definitely find things that are affordable, clean, with friendly staff if you take a bit of time on the internet. The site el and I used in Greece was you have like ten dollars downpayment ahead of time but its guaranteed to be there when you arrive. If you give me the location you are looking at I can creep for you. I hate the thought of you being sad and scared haha I hope the next post is a happier one <3Love and miss you.


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