Sydney Aquarium

Yesterday we went to the Sydney Aquarium. I have been to a couple of different aquarium’s before, but this one was particularly interesting as most of it’s ocean life was found right here in Australia!

There are many different types of marine life that I have never even seen before.

Here is a long neck turtle.

Look closely. This is not a rock!!!

My favourite lil guys.

We found Doryand…NEMO!!!

They had many different types of sharks, such as Tiger Sharks, Nurse Sharks, Black tips, and Hammerheads.

You do not want to mess with these guys!

I did not know that was a robot, and I screamed when it started to move!
This robot is modelled after the largest known to record great white. (Second largest robot after the robot’s made for JAWS)

They also had a special section for life found on the Great Barrier Reef…I hope to make it to the Reef and witness some of these creatures while I am down here…sharks not included.

2 thoughts on “Sydney Aquarium

  1. Ahhh that thing that looks like a rock is so scary! Hahaha I can totally picture you screaming about the robotic shark … kinda like when the spider landed on your face in the Loo, no?Miss you chickita … about to Facebook Message you righhhhht now. ❤


  2. Ahahahaha, I laughed sooo hard when you screamed at the robotic shark!!!! Ahahahahaa!!! I would looove to see the coral reef! love it!


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