The Harbour

Yesterday we finally made it to Sydney’s harbour!!! It is very pretty, and very busy. All along the side of the harbour are little restaurants and cafes that over look the harbour. Giving you the best views of the Opera house and the bridge. I hope to indulge in a fancy night at one of these places sometime in the very near future.

At New Year’s the harbour is apparently full, as they are known for their breathtaking and world famous fireworks from the bridge. We are planning to be apart of this tradition come New Years Eve!

Every Saturday and Sunday, Sydney has somewhat of a farmer’s market where they have about 100 different booths where people sell artwork, jewelry, candies, clothes, and little knickknacks. It was fun to walk around and check out different things, and also sample some treats!

On our way home, we decided to cut through this pretty park. We quickly realized that it was the Royal Bontanical Gardens. It was such a pretty little area where they have hundreds of different trees, and flowers. We also ran into some interesting creatures.

At first we thought these things were bats, but soon discovered that they are called “flying foxes”. They are nocturnal, but we did see a few of them flying around.

In the harbour, Redbull had setup an event called “Flugtag”, where people have to build a device that can fly off a cliff that they have built. The object of this contest is to see who’s contraption can go the farthest in the air across the water. It was pretty interesting to watch, and extremely hilarious as people would bail so quickly, and break their devices. Kinda reminded me of those old Chinese Ultimate Challenge Shows with the English subtitles. There was a huge crowd…and lots of sponsors…it was quite the big deal.

2 thoughts on “The Harbour

  1. HAHAHA MXC – Most Extreme Elimination Challenge! I totally remember that show. The harbour is gorg and so are you! I love you ❤


  2. So wicked! Those flying foxes look like massive bats….soooo terrifying! I remember seeing something about MXC on TV too…it is a big deal! People get really into it…but it looks really dangerous! Some people spend the better half of a year making designs for these things and then they get trashed in the water…kinda funny actually.


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