Two days ago we arrived downtown Sydney. It is such a busy little city. Somewhat like Toronto, but such pretty architecture everywhere! We haven’t been able to do any of the touristy things yet; we just walked around a small portion of the city.

There are these beautiful purple trees that I have become obsessed with. They are all around the city, and they are just so bright and pretty. They also smell amazing. I can’t stop taking pictures of them. I’d like to take one home!

After about a week of searching we found our first Kangaroo…
unfortunately it was just on the menu of our hostel.

Here is a glimpse of the Sydney Tower. (We hope to go up it one day)

Our first night in Sydney we stayed in this really nice hostel called Sydney Central YHA. It had a rooftop pool, cinema, restaurant, huge kitchen, basically everything you could ask for in a hostel. It was extremely nice.Our second night we had to move out quickly as our hostel was booked for the next night, and we were unable to stay there another night. So we sat and called about 15 different hostels before we could find one that had vacancy. Finally we found one, and we had to call a cab and lug ALL of our luggage to it (Kristen’s entire life)…and then lug it up 3 flights of stairs.
As soon as we arrived, we made sure to book for a full week, so we didn’t have this sort of problem again. Now this hostel is…well not as “classy” as what we have been used to for the past 5 nights…we are now located somewhat in the “entertainment” district.

This is what surrounds us…

Last night we went to a club called “The Bank” which was extremely far away from our hostel and took a whole 1.5 seconds to get to. (It is RIGHT beside our hostel) For being in such a “classy” neighbourhood, this club was really nice. It was a VIP night and we were lucky enough to party with the like of Weeman from Jackass, and Carmen Elecktra. It was a pretty exciting experience…who knew we could find homegrown celebs across the world?

6 thoughts on “Sydney

  1. Cooooooool celebrity sightings! Hahaha I'm laughing thinking of you guys lugging your luggage up the stairs … especially Kristen 'cause she's so teeny and your dad said she packed so much! Keep househunting and hopefully you'll be done with sketchy hostels soon! Love chuuuu!


  2. Are you gals staying down in Kings Cross? Love that area. Great for some late night streetside entertainment. Watch for some of the clubs tro spill out and you are bound to see some. One of my favorite stories from Sydney came from a night down there…I dont think its blog acceptable though:)


  3. Lindaaaaa. I just get so excited every time I notice a new post. I am loooving living vicariously through you on your adventure. Looks like you ladies are having an amazing time… other than the lugging around that suitcase thing! Be careful in your showgirls neighbourhood though, you must come back to me in one piece. Im sure mom and papa mitchel would agree hahaLove and miss you ❤


  4. Yes Robb we are in Kings Cross!!! hahaha it is def quite the late night entertainment spot, and I could just imagine the trouble you got into on this street. We will have to discuss on a more private note your Kings Cross stories!and Taylor I will try and find out the name of the trees immediately! Dan & fodes love and miss you too!


  5. You always hang out with celebrities on your excursions… Hugh Jackman in NY, Patrick Swayze in Chicago, now Carmen Electra in Aussie land!!! You're so cool. I miss hanging with your coolness! Omg I hope your not looking for work in the area of your hostel lol. I don't know if I would approve you being the \”Queen\” of Kings's Cross. lol. Omg so funny carrying Kristen \”life\” up three flights of stairs lol. I love your life!Love Handrees


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