Don’t stop believing

There are so many pretty parts about Australia so far, and one of my favourite’s is the cool rock formations. They look like pieces of toffee, and are so fascinating to look at. We even saw some people sitting in them reading. Definitely a perfect spot to sit…read a book…tan…and watch the surfers!

We found Jellyfish on the beach!!!

As we were on the beach, we noticed just how much people are into fitness around here. Whether it be people jogging on the beach, surfing, or swimming, multiple groups of people are constantly on the go! On Bronte Beach there is a laned swimming pool, where we sat and watched people do laps. The most amazing thing about this pool is that it is right on the beach, and it filled with Ocean water. It is pretty cool watching the waves splash against the pool.

So far we have met some pretty cool people from around this world. It is amazing how quickly you can befriend someone, and it is amazing just how much we all are alike, even if we are half way across the world…last night blew my mind! We were at a local bar, where they have a DJ and dancing, and all the typical music played that would at a club. I could not believe my ears when one of the last songs of the night was Journey’s “Don’t stop believing”, and EVERYONE in the bar knew ALL the lyrics. This song brought me back to my Canadian days of going out and belting this song out with every student in one of Waterloo’s local bars. Who knew that this song was known world wide, and was used for the exact same moment of hugging each other and belting out the words as hard as you can!

These people were from, Ohio, USA, Sweden, and France!

3 thoughts on “Don’t stop believing

  1. The rocks are sooo nice! Wow! And that swimming pool with the ocean water is sick! That's so awesome that you've met people that are similar to you … maybe they remind you of your besties back home? ;)Love you babe!


  2. I Love that song!!!! Remember when I used to blast journey in my room over and over again (that and \”nothing compares to you\” by senae O'conner for a certain someone who will never be mentioned EVER AGAIN! ahahaahaha) OMG soo good I'm so glad that there are so many universal qualities to where you are. It's comforting knowing that you are home even though you are miles from it. I miss you chica, however I am loving your life.


  3. HAHAHAHAHA I just re-read this entry and died at your comment, Ann. How about we chug bottles of red wine, smoke a pack of cigarettes on the porch, and cut up a perfectly good shirt along to Sinead O'Connor's \”Nothing Compares To You\”? Hahahaha omg I miss our lives. \”But guys … we LIVE together\” – Lindsay \”Vajocesh\” Mitchell


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